Shed loads of offers – This week with the Family Card

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Shed loads of offers – This week with the Family Card

Stock up your sheds with plant feed, fertilisers and essential gardening kit for any situation and keep your shrubs, roses, climbers, alpines, fruit & veg looking and tasting their best. Get your shelves piled high with long lasting feeds and pest control with our wide range of offers in store or online!

Re-vitalise your garden

We aren’t just re-vitalising your plants growth, we’re giving your whole outdoor space a makeover! Get your garden sparkling and ready for the adventure with a Patio Magic Power Sprayer or some Algon Path Cleaner to get your paths, patios and decking up to scratch!

Now your gardens looking its best, it’s time for your plants to get the royal treatment too! For our veg-loving growers you can quickly and easily boost your crops growth with Big Tom, some Levingtons Tomorite or an all-purpose tub of Fish Blood and Bone. These are all excellent for boosting crop yield, colour, size and flavour – the choice is yours.

If your growing some acid-loving blooms such as azaleas, they’ll love some Miracle-Gro soluble feed to keep their colours shining and their foliage full. Bone Meal is an excellent all-rounder for acidic soil, boosting foliage and flower growth.

Family Card Offers

Is there anything for a beginner?

No matter your style of garden or the types of plants, we’ve got you covered. If you’re yet to start your green-thumbed journey, fret no more! Whether you’re new to the scene or a hardened grower, you’re sure to find something to fill yours shelves and your borders!

You can find beautiful Clematis Montana and Pieris at your local British Garden Centre to kickstart your growing adventure in beds & borders. These are perfect for bringing colour and character whilst being simple to grow.

Clematis Montana are incredibly vigorous deciduous climbers, they bloom into large single white flowers and are typically fuss-free when it comes to maintaining them. They are hardy perennials, so they will flower year after year and won’t need much protection in the winter months.

Pieris are an evergreen, hardy perennial shrub perfect for keeping your gardens in colour during winter months. They love acidic soil and are incredibly low maintenance. If you’re unsure on how to check if your soil is acidic, check out our guide on soil Ph.

Fill your sheds to the brim and grow more for less with this weeks Family Card offers. If you haven’t already, you can register your Family card here to receive offers and all our promotion codes for online shopping. If you don't have a family card, simply pop into any one of our 62 centres and bring one back with you!

Clematis Montana

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Blog Family Card Your Garden Family Card Plant Guides

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